At the area of Polanika Centre, there is a stable, in which our guests are offered:

  • hyppotherapy,
  • horse riding lessons,
  • walking round on a pony,
  • horse riding excursions around picturesque areas surrounding the Centre,

This form of activity lets our guests spend time in open air, facilitate rehabilitation and improve their horse riding skills. All the lessons and therapies are carried out under the supervision of highly-qualified staff of instructors and hippotherapists.

Hippotherapy (equine-assisted therapy) is a form of psychomotor therapy. It is classified as multidisciplinary rehabilitation, combining locomotor, psychological and sensory activity and social interaction. The equine-assisted therapy is used both in children, youngsters and adults. The sessions are carried out by a highly-qualified hippotherapist, as recommended by the physician prescribing the hippotherapy, and in cooperation with specialists supervising a given patient. This is a very unique and exceptional therapy method. The horses, their warmth and movement, open completely new possibilities, unseen in other forms of therapy. Hippotherapy includes not only horse riding, but also lessons carried out near the horse from the ground level (therapeutic brushing of the horse, feeding of the horse).

Hippotherapy is a form of psychomotor therapy. It belongs to the group of multi-profile rehabilitations, combining the motor, psychological, sensory and social interactions (developing of positive social relations). A therapy with the participation of a horse is good for children, the youth as well as adults.

The goal of hippotherapy is: strengthening the upper back and abdominal muscles of the patient, improving the control of the head and core , improving the posture, developing the balanced reactions and training of the sense of balance, normalisation of the spastic muscle tension, learning more about human walking thanks to rhythmic steps of the horse, space orientation training.

Hippotherapy is an exceptional and unique therapeutic method. The horse, its body warmth and the moves give completely new possibilities, unprecedented in therapeutic methods.

Benefits of hippotherapy:

  • a horse gives the impression of human walk,
  • the exercise reduces the spasticity of muscles and regulates the muscle tension,
  • it reduces retained posture reflexes,
  • it restores the lost symmetry of core muscles,
  • it corrects the posture,
  • it prevents contractures and reduced joint mobility,
  • it stimulates senses,
  • it activates and teaches,
  • it is the source of equivalent stimuli,
  • it facilitates the internal organs functions,
  • it activates and does not bore,
  • the contact with the horse relaxes and soothes.